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Best Prices on Business Cards for Local Chesham Businesses

business cards printing

Best Prices on Business Cards for Local Chesham Businesses

As business cards printing specialists, Chesham-based Butterfly Print & Design is often contacted for business card printing. With more and more interactions being undertaken remotely, are business cards still relevant?Even in the digital age, face to face interactions are a valuable means of building contacts and generating leads. We all prefer to buy from people that we personally know and trust.Face to face meetings and networking events provide the opportunity to get to know and trust local business owners.If you can hand out printed business cards when a connection is made, it helps you and your company to be memorable.

Quality Business Card Printing

Business cards are a small representation of your company that provide essential contact information. You could simply scribble your email address on a scrap of paper, but it is important to make the right first impression.Professional business card design, coupled with quality inks, card and print processes will ensure that your company is well-represented.


business cards printingWhen it comes to business card printing, there are three main options.
  • DIY– Use your home computer and printer to create your own business card design.
  • OnlinePrinting Company – Upload your logo and design, preview and order. Your business cards will be delivered to your designated address.
  • Local Printers– Give us a call to get advice and support with the business card design before processing an order. We can carry out a full business card printing service via phone and email. Orders can be delivered or collected from our Chesham shop.
Many business owners believe the DIY or Online options are the cheapest option for business card printing. This isn’t always the case, especially if errors are made because the design and content hasn’t been checked.


DIY business card printing is labour intensive. The cost of pre-prepared packs and ink can be more expensive than handing the job over to your local printer. Let’s face it, every business owner has more important demands on their time than trimming perforated edges!

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    Online quotes for business card printing are often very attractive, but they tend to be for a low weight card with colour & design limitations. Such restrictions aren’t appealing if you are looking for a professional finish that reflects your brand. When you select the higher quality options for business card printing, the price often spirals.If you do opt for online business card printing, it is advisable to request a hard copy sample prior to placing your order. Issues such as bleeding (when the design overlaps the border), spelling mistakes and a layout that doesn’t quite line up, are common. A hard copy will ensure that you are fully satisfied before you pay out.


    Local printers will take time to understand what you want to achieve. Their design and print expertise enable them to advise on the finish, layout, technical points and best value options. They provide the option of custom business card printing to ensure you present a professional image.Get it right first time with the help of your local Chesham printers!


    If you are searching for ‘printers near me’ look no further. Butterfly Design and Print offers our expertise to ensure a professional finish. We ensure that quality underpins every order and can offer a range of sizes, design options and finishes that result in custom business card printing.As the local printers for Chesham businesses, we offer everything from matt lamination, through to 3D textured business cards printing, foil lamination and even business information printed on plastic.In addition to business cards, we can assist with a wide range of corporate printing services. We can help you prepare PoS material, promote an event with leaflet printing or meet all of your business stationery printing requirements.We’re located in Germain Street, Chesham, so why not pop in the next time you are passing. Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll advise on the best print options. Alternatively, give us a call on 01494 782605.