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Designing your corporate Christmas cards before the rush

Corporate Christmas cards

Get started on designing your corporate Christmas cards

Yes, we know; we used the C word in October! But did you know that Christmas is only two months away? The last two months of the year often is the busiest time, with staff taking last-minute holidays, sales increasing for the holiday rush and trying to get all our tasks done before the offices close for the Christmas period. So it makes sense to get ahead of everyone else and get your corporate Christmas cards designed and ready to go out to your suppliers and loyal customers. If you leave it much longer, you will end up being part of a backlog that could take ages to get through!

Customise your cards to make sure you are remembered

Creating your Christmas cards is a chance to get super creative and let out your inner artist. You want your corporate Christmas cards to stand out against your competitors, so you are remembered in the new year. But how do you make this happen? Luckily, Butterfly Print and Design has some great ideas for you to incorporate into your festive card this Christmas:

Use a photo of your team

There is often nothing better on a corporate Christmas card than the team dressing up in their festive gear and taking some photos for the front design. This shows teamwork and happiness and will ultimately be remembered by your suppliers and customers for a long time!

Branding your cards with your colours

You want your corporate Christmas card to be recognised as soon as it comes out of the envelope, and how better to do that than by using your branding colours to get the recipient’s attention?

Consider a witty one-liner

If you are the boss of puns, love a witty one-liner or can think of a brilliant business-related joke to put on the front of your card that gets you remembered for the right reasons, why not go ahead and add this to your design?

Be sure to include your business information

No matter how you decide to decorate your corporate Christmas cards this year, be sure to include your business information, including contact details and members of the team who work with that recipient personally. It adds a personal touch and means they have no excuse for not contacting you!

Announce an exciting new product/service for the new year

Finally, to really get your customers excited for the new year, why not announce a new product or service you will be offering after Christmas? This is a great way to do an announcement and will keep your customers excited whilst you are closed for the Christmas break!

What can Butterfly Print and Design offer your card creations?

When you choose to work with a printing team to get your corporate Christmas cards designed and created, you will benefit from everything that the printing team has to offer. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from Butterfly Print and Design and our corporate Christmas card service.

Flawless design service

Butterfly Print and Design pride itself on being able to support its clients to perfect their creations, whether they have some great ideas or no idea of how they want to get started. Our teams work closely with the design of your corporate Christmas cards, and once the design is completed, you will be sent mock-ups to confirm you are happy with them before we go ahead to print.

Fast turnarounds

We aim to ensure your corporate Christmas cards are delivered in good time so you can get them out to your customers before the postal rush. Just let us know when you need your cards by, and we will aim to get them out to you.

Cost-effective pricing

At Butterfly Print and Design, we understand everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment, which is why we will never charge over the odds for any design and printing services we provide. Get in touch to discuss your corporate Christmas cards, and we will provide an accurate quote.

Great reputation

For over 30 years, Butterfly Print and Design has been supporting local businesses across Buckinghamshire with all their printing needs. During this time, we have built a great reputation as a reliable and friendly print team that gets the job done for their clients.

Environmentally friendly

Why should the environment be compromised so we can have great-looking marketing materials? We don’t believe it should, which is why we use vegetable-based inks, and recycled packaging, and we reduce the printing paper we use wherever possible.

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Butterfly Print and Design can help with your cards

If you are looking to get ahead of the game with your corporate Christmas cards, look no further than Butterfly Print and Design. We have helped hundreds of businesses with their Christmas card designs and creations and will make sure you stand out against your competitors this year.

Whether you have the perfect ideas for what you would like to create or if you need a bit of a helping hand to get things started, Butterfly Print and Design are here to support you. Simply get in touch via our website or over the phone to start your corporate Christmas card journey now.