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Engaging Exhibition Stands with Corporate Printing Services

Corporate Printing Services

Engaging Exhibition Stands with Corporate Printing Services

From trade fairs to summer festivals, exhibitions can be an effective way of promoting your business. They provide an opportunity to put you in front of potential customers. Make good use of corporate printing services and you can build brand awareness, encourage engagement and deliver a memorable experience.

Plan your Exhibition Stand

As with any marketing opportunity, the design of your stand should focus on the audience. Are you going to grab attention if you roll out the same printed banners that you use for every event?

Each event will have a target audience. It may be local businesses, industry-specific or themed around a leisure interest. Attendees will have an interest in the event because it is going to meet a need that they have. They could be looking for suppliers, partners or opportunities.

If you consider your stand from their perspective; what can you offer that will fulfil their needs? From this perspective, you can start to work out the best words and images to use on your banners and what offers to incorporate in your leaflet printing.

You could also consider an interactive element on your stand. Could visitors try out your product? Maybe a fun element, such as a Wheel of Fortune would attract attention.

Maximise Exhibition Space

Event organisers want to fill the space with as many different organisations as possible. For small businesses and start-up companies, the affordable stands are often tight for space. How can you make the most of this limited capacity?

Free-sanding point of sale displays can increase the number of surfaces that you have to display items on. If the stand includes wall space, then lightweight shelves can work well. 

You may want to put a collection of colourful, printed images into large frames for a professional-looking backdrop. Will images of precision engineering, stunning vistas, fresh food or smiling people appeal to the audience?

For those representing your company at the stand, position them outside of the designated space. Wearing branded clothing can make it clear that they are exhibitors and not visitors. Being out, rather than tucked behind a table increases engagement. It also frees up space for visitors to reach the resources on display.

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    Represent your Brand in the Best Light

    Anyone at the exhibition stand plays a vital role in representing your brand. There is no doubt that it is tiring to stand, smile and start conversations all day long, but that is the minimum requirement.

    Your representatives should be knowledgeable about all products and services, so they can answer questions. They should be up to speed on details such as delivery times and prices. They should also know the limitations of your services, so no one is promised something that cannot be delivered.

    Having several people on the stand is also beneficial. At busy times, it increases the chance of engaging with prospects. At quiet times, it offers the chance for exploring the other exhibitor stands. This offers a valuable networking opportunity, as well as time to size up the competition!

    Include Printed Brochures or Merchandise to Take Away

    In addition to setting up a great stand, it is ideal if you have tangible items that you can hand to interested parties. They will be meeting lots of people at the event, including your direct competitors. Trying to recall every company when they get home can be a challenge. Brochure printing and/or merchandise can help your company to remain memorable.

    Along with banners, brochures and leaflets, be sure to include business card printing on your order. Some visitors will simply want your contact details, so they can get in touch after the event. There may also be networking sessions at the event and you do not want to run out.

    Be Consistent with Corporate Printing

    Every item on your stand should be clearly and consistently branded. Even if you throw in a seasonal twist or a fun interactive element, your branding should be evident.

    Your local print company will request your logo in a high-resolution format. With this on file, they will be able to apply it across all printing services. If you are opting for a different colour to fit in with a new product launch or the exhibition theme, they have the expertise and tools to make it work.

    Also, consider post-event communications. If you met with potential customers, partners or even employees, following up with an email, LinkedIn connection or even a personalised letter will help your conversion rate.

    Be sure that your branding, and ideally your profile picture or an image of your stand, features on that communication. It will trigger familiarity and encourage a positive response.

    Specialist in Corporate Printing Services

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