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Local Printer Providing Training Manuals for e-Learning

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Local Printer Providing Training Manuals For E-Learning

The closure of schools and offices during lockdown resulted in a rapid shift to online learning. New models of education, training and development were introduced. This style of learning brings many advantages and coupled with printed training manuals, course participants have the resources to study, reference their learning and apply the knowledge.

Rapid Expansion of Online Learning

The sudden closure of workplaces and education institutions in March resulted in the rapid adoption of digital learning opportunities. Everyone, from Primary School children to Senior Executives, had to work out how to access and utilise new learning tools.Teachers, training companies and coaches had no option but to switch to remote classrooms. The way in which information was shared altered.With restrictions on where we could go and what we could do, the demand for online courses shot up. Whether for professional development or personal interest, learning from home became a popular choice.

Beyond the Classroom – Professional Training & Development

Many organisations made use of remote training to induct new employees and keep their team informed. With changing guidance, company policies were changing weekly. Pre-existing training manuals and staff handbooks went out of the window.For companies who put staff on furlough, online training provided the opportunity to upskill their workforce. Printed course handbooks could be supplied to everyone who enrolled, providing them with a learning record which they could revise and reference on return to the workplace.With changes to almost every work environment, online training is a practical way to bring everyone up to speed with new Health & Safety Policy, Operations Manuals and other procedures.

The Benefits of e-Learning


There are many benefits to learning online. Once the course is prepared, it can be made accessible to all relevant participants. For national and international companies, this means all employees receive the same training, no matter where they are based.The location and timing of physical courses are a barrier to access, but not if people can log in at their convenience.

Cost Savings

There is no need for businesses to cover the cost of venue hire, staff transport, overnight stays and refreshments and that can lead to significant cost-savings.

Enrol Today

With physical courses, there are set enrolment dates. Your latest recruit may have to wait weeks until the next start date, but not with e-learning. Simply log in and they can begin.

Work at your Own Pace

One of the main advantages of remote learning is that each participant can work at their own pace. Existing knowledge and experience can help them to swiftly complete certain modules, whilst they can revisit trickier sections until the knowledge is cemented.The ability to tailor the training to individual needs enables faster progress through courses and better retention of information.

The Challenges of Distance Learning

Reduced Interaction

Distance learning does have some drawbacks. Reduced interaction with other participants and tutors is part of the issue. Although forums and chatrooms do enable discussions, the social element of learning and sharing of peer knowledge is minimal.

Availability of Reference Material

The other factor when everything is online can be the lack of reference material that participants have during and at the end of the course. One option is to provide everyone who enrols with course handbooks, training manuals or printed workbooks.e learning

How Printed Manuals, Course Handbooks and Workbooks can Aid Learning and Retention

When participants are presented with printed training manuals at the start of a course, it gives a sense that they getting something tangible for their money. They have all the necessary information at hand and can get an overview of everything that will be covered. Butterfly Print & Design can assist by preparing, collating and distributing printed resources to students.Training documents can take the form of a workbook to guide study or may take the form of printed policy manuals, which inform on organisational values, processes and standards. They can be a point of reference during the course, as well as being available to support the application of learning at work.

Trust your Local Printer to Supply Training Manuals, Brochures and Booklets

Butterfly Print and Design is a trusted Chesham printer. Send us your content and we can advise on the layout. Details of sizes, paper types, finishes and coatings can be found on our brochure printing website page.With a prompt turnaround, we will print your training manuals, course handbooks and policy documents. We can collate them as required and will even distribute the printed documents to individual addresses.For further information and a quote for printing services, please contact Stuart on 01494 782605 or email stuart@butterflyprintanddesign.com.Don’t let remote working hinder the training and development of your team. With an online course and accompanying training manuals, you can keep your team up to speed.