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Suit-able Workwear – Do I Need a Tie?

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Suit-able Workwear – Do I Need a Tie?

From our range of print services, you may be surprised that embroidered workwear including polo shirts are one of our biggest sellers. Let’s explore some local companies that are now dressed to impress.

Branded Uniforms

For centuries, the formal suit and tie combination was seen as appropriate workwear for business professionals. Attitudes have changed and it is now reported that only around 20% of employees wear a suit and tie to the office.As local printers, based in Chesham, we provide an alternative to traditional workwear. Our local print services include logo embroidery on almost any style of clothing.Embroidered polo shirts are far more practical than a formal shirt in many professions. We can also offer embroidered logos on suits, hospitality wear and fleece jackets, as well as embroidered golf shirts and even ties.EMBROIDERED WORKWEAR – DRESSED TO IMPRESS IN TRINGWe recently worked with Diamond Insurance in Tring, to provide their team with work shirts with logo embroidery, along with polo shirts and sweatshirts. Whether meeting clients in the office or their own homes, this branded uniform provides an easily identifiable corporate image.We also worked with Roy Chapman’s car dealership in Tring. They needed embroidered workwear that would provide a consistent image for both the engineers and the sales team. We always use high quality garments and threads, which retain their appearance after many cycles in the washing machine. This is an essential requirement when you work in a car workshop!


The Jolly Sportsman, our local pub in Chesham, provided an additional challenge. We often have to assist with the artwork in order to convert a brand logo into a suitable format, but the pub team simply brought a photo of the pub sign. We were able to recreate the design, gain their approval and create the requested set of custom embroidered polo shirts.

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    Benefits of Wearing a Uniform

    Despite changing ideas about suitable work attire, many organisations still insist on employees wearing a uniform. What are the advantages of corporate clothing?
    Employee Mindset
    Whether your team dress in embroidered polo shirts or pin striped suits, putting on a uniform helps to prepare them for work; it adjusts their thinking and attitude.
    First Impressions Count
    From customer service to client meetings, a uniform gives you a consistent professional appearance. As a customer, it helps to differentiate employees from members of the public.
    Brand Awareness
    In embroidered workwear, your employees are helping to advertise your business and build brand awareness. (If you need a little more help with this, we offer leaflet printing services!)
    Team Spirit
    If everyone follows the dress code, it encourages a sense of belonging to a team. You create a business identity and save your staff the dilemma of what to wear each morning.
    A uniform can also have practical benefits; from complying with health and safety regulations, to simply avoiding getting your own clothes dirty.


    As your local printers, Butterfly Print and Design may already have your logo for printing business cards and stationery. If so, the process of adding logo embroidery to a selection of clothing couldn’t be simpler.We also keep clothing samples in our Chesham office, so you can pop in to feel the quality of garments and try them on for size. Let us help you to build a stronger corporate image with embroidered workwear.For a range of professional business printing services, Chesham based Butterfly Print & Design is your local printers. Call us on: 01494 782605 or pop in to see us on Germain Street.