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Window Graphics are Not just for Christmas!

At this time of year, the windows of homes and businesses are brought to life with festive scenes. These add character and intrigue, encouraging passers-by to stop and look. So, why not make the most of the opportunity to engage with potential customers. Window graphics aren’t just for Christmas!

The joy of vinyl window graphics is that they can be printed and installed by our experienced team. A plain pane of glass is instantly transformed. When it is time to update the design, the graphics can be removed, the pane cleaned and no trace remains.

What are the Benefits of Window Graphics?

Attract Buyers

Window displays have long been used to showcase seasonal ranges, capture imaginations and entice buyers into the shop. As such, they make for a bespoke and effective form of advertising. With vinyl window graphics, it is possible to take window dressing to another level. A well-conceived design can add a three-dimensional effect or be used to frame certain items.

Printed window graphics can be small and subtle embellishments to a retail unit, or an explosion of colour and imagery with full glass coverage.

As one of our many business printing services, we have created branded graphics in colour and frosted finishes. These are intended to be a permanent feature of the building. Other local businesses like to maintain interest with regularly changing window graphics to support seasonal changes and promotions.

Enhance Privacy

Butterfly Print & Design have printed window graphics for a number of beauty salons, spas, gyms and hotels. The owners have wanted to retain the privacy of guest, whilst also giving the public a view of what’s on offer if they venture in. The vinyl is designed to ensure that whilst it covers the window and protects privacy, plenty of light can still infiltrate your premises.

Privacy may also be required within your building, so why not apply frosted window graphics to internal panes? In many open-plan offices, glass partitions are installed to create separate spaces. Often used for client meetings, strategic planning or staff training, there may be the desire to add frosted decoration for added discretion.

for Safety

Another advantage of frosted window graphics on windows is that it acts as a safety feature. Sometimes a large pane is not easy to see and people can walk straight into it. Even a small panel of frosted glass at eye level can reduce this safety risk.

We can also print safety signs if your business would like an overt, hazard-reducing message.

Local Custom Vinyl Printing & Cutting Service in Chesham

Butterfly Print and Design are experienced window graphics suppliers. Located in Chesham we can create your design in the highest quality vinyl. These window graphics can be installed to add decoration, branding, promotional or safety to your retail or commercial premises. Our window graphic vinyl options include:

  • Etched glass vinyl films including 3M Frosted and Dusted Crystal
  • Avery Frosted Sparkle
  • Etchmark
  • Full-colour Vinyl with a matt or gloss finish

If you are unsure of what you want but know the effect that you wish to create, talk to us. With an understanding of your vision, we can apply our knowledge of materials to make recommendations.

Call us today on 01494 782605.

Window Design, Print and Installation Services


Butterfly Print & Design understand the importance of getting the details right. We will match your colour and imagery specifications exactly. We are also happy to advise. For example, if the glass is in full sun at any time of day, we would advise against large expanses of dark coloured window graphics. The reason is that dark tones absorb heat and in rare cases, this has caused thermal fractures in the glass. A simple switch of colour can prevent this issue.

Why not make use of our full graphic design service? We can make your premises stand out from the crowd and attract more customers through your door. In addition to quality window graphics, we are able to provide quick turnaround and professional installation in Chesham and surrounding areas.

Chesham Window Graphics

BPS Solicitors required a modern look to freshen up their Chesham office. They were also keen to maintain the privacy of clients. We recommended frosted film window graphics and supported them with the design process. Once prepared, we installed a finished product that they are delighted with.

For further information on any business print services, please get in touch: sales@butterflyprintanddesign.com