Covid-19 protection for safe office working

Your employees must not return to a workplace where their health is put at risk. Covid-19 protection has to be a primary consideration before bringing your team back to work.

The health and safety of workers and visitors have always been important in offices. Following the high number of cases of Covid-19 in the UK, infection prevention and control measures have to be in place for the foreseeable future. These measures will help your employees to feel less anxious about returning to work and will reduce the chances of the team calling in sick.

As a basic rule, it is strongly advised that social distancing should remain at 2-meters to minimise the virus spread. When this is not possible, a 1-meter minimum separation is recommended, with additional risk mitigation. Let Butterfly Print & Design help you to prepare a safe working environment.

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4 steps to mitigate the risks associated with coronavirus

Install protective screens

Open-plan offices have become highly desirable over recent decades, but we now need to look at ways to divide workspaces. Anti-bacterial protective screens and dividers are straightforward to install and will help you to keep individuals apart.

Clear plexiglass screens keep the office environment light and open, yet they form a necessary barrier. We supply two sizes of protective screen; 1000mm x 750mm x 4mm or 750mm x 500mm x 4mm. These can be fitted between desks or used as a divider between customers and front of house staff. They are simple to wipe down as part of the office cleaning routine.

Maximise worker hygiene with hand sanitiser

Good hygiene is an effective means of reducing the spread of infections. Public Health England recommends regular hand washing as the most effective hygiene measure. Where this is not practical, hand sanitiser stations can be highly effective.

We supply mechanical foot-operated or sensor-driven hand sanitiser dispensers, both of which are non-touch options. These hold 1-litre of hand sanitiser, which can be refilled from the 5-litre bottles that we supply.

We recommend that you position hygiene posters or roller banners near at entrance points and near non-contact hand sanitiser dispensers. These help to reinforce the message and encourage the correct use of these facilities.

Control movement around the workplace with floor graphics and signs

You may have been directed around the supermarket or local shops by Covid-19 guidance signs and floor stickers. We can provide printed signs and floor stickers to help you to control the movement of people through the building.

Provide personal protective wear

Until recently, face shields and masks have only been a requirement for people working in health and social care. Now we all need to get used to face coverings as part of day to day activities. Providing your employees with branded face shields or disposable face masks can be an effective infection control measure.

The one stop covid-19 protection shop to protect your team

The Butterfly Print & Design online shop provides a quick and easy order option for Covid-19 protective screens, roller banners, floor graphics and posters. Simply select what you need, place your order and we will deliver to your office.


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