Leaflet Printing Service Chesham

Widely used to advertise services and events, leaflets and flyers are an affordable way to put your company in the hands of potential customers.

Chesham’s Butterfly Print and Design have decades of experience in flyer and leaflet printing and we produce thousands every day. This may be high-volume printing, yet we never compromise on quality or customer service.

In order to help you promote your business, our experienced team are on-hand to provide advice, leaflet design and we can even arrange flyer distribution.

High-Quality Leaflet Printing

A great flyer or leaflet design will include strong graphics or high definition images, with simple, bold text. The aim is to raise awareness and encourage action in a concise way. Avoid reams of text, but ensure that your contact details are clearly displayed.

Before you start working on your leaflets and flyer design, consider who you are trying to attract. Are your customers in a specific geographical area? Why might they want your services and how will you capture their interest? The more targeted your approach, the more likely it is that leaflet printing will be an effective marketing tool.

Be sure to double check the content, especially contact information, prices and dates, before giving the go-ahead to flyer printing. Potential customers will be put off by spelling mistakes, incorrect details and other errors.

Paper weight and Finish for Printed Flyers

We offer flyer and leaflet printing on a range of paper weights ranging from 130gsm to 350gsm. The former is best suited to mass mailers, the latter to premium invitations and more personalised marketing. With printing expertise, we are happy to advise on the most suitable option for your needs.

Flyers and leaflets can be printed on:

  • Satin finish (also called silk or semi-gloss) which is ideal for vibrant colours
  • Gloss finish for a smooth, high shine finish
  • Bond paper, which has a slight texture. This works with muted colours and gives a natural finish

Flyers are typically printed on A5 paper, with leaflets folded to the same dimensions. If you have other ideas, we are happy to discuss your requirements and advise on the options.

Three Ideas on How to Use Printed Leaflets to Generate Leads

Our leaflet printing service has proven to be effective in helping local businesses to generate leads and increase attendance at community events. Success is due to well-designed flyers being handed out or delivered at the right time.

  1. If you are a retailer, use flyer printing to create an invitation to a special sales event. Include a discount voucher at the base of the flyer design to encourage attendance. The flyer can be added to the bag with every purchase.
  2. As a local trade professional, take a stack of flyers to every job. With your branded van on the drive, there is no better time to drop leaflets through the neighbours’ doors. It can prompt them to ask about your services, prices and availability.
  3. For venues, it is great to have flyers for upcoming events to hand out at current events; when everyone is having a great time, they are keen for more. The visitors have already shown an interest, so they are likely to be in your target market. If you offer £1 off their next booking or another incentive, the response is likely to increase further.

A typical response rate is 1-5%, which means that if you distribute 5000 printed flyers, we would expect at least 50 potential new clients to contact you. Incentives will help to generate more leads.

We’re on your doorstep, so for any design or print requirements simply give us a call on 01494 782605  or sales@butterflyprintanddesign.com or pop in- we can be found at 21 Germain Street, Chesham, Buckinghamshire.

Professional Local Printer Chesham

Companies and organisations in Chesham and surrounding areas of Buckinghamshire can really build brand awareness, boost attendance and increase sales with our professional leaflet design and print services. Simply call us now for your leaflet printing quote on 01494 782605.