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The Benefits of Using Local Printers for quality Business Card Printing at Competitive Rates

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The Benefits of Using Local Printers for quality Business Card Printing at Competitive Rates

There’s no simpler way to quickly share contact details with a business associate than in the exchange of professionally printed business cards. With local printers, Butterfly Print and Design, based in Chesham, it couldn’t be easier to make the right first impression!


Keep the text simple and easy to read; the priorities are your name, company and contact information.Leaving white space within your business card design makes the text easier to read. It can also be handy for jotting down a brief note.If you want to share more information than can comfortably fit onto a standard two-sided design, there is the option of fold out, 4-page business card.Consider appropriate content for the back of your business cards. This could include an image, a discount code or a top tip. A few boxes could transform it into a loyalty card or a space for recording appointments.


So, you’ve selected the best quality and have received your printed business cards, but what next?Here are Butterfly Print & Design’s five tips on business card etiquette:
  1. Store your cards in a protective card holder to ensure they are always presented at their best.
  2. Carry business cards with you at all times, but only give them out when they are requested.
  3. Hand over the business card with the text facing the recipient.
  4. When business cards are exchanged, take a moment to look at the card you’ve received.
  5. Have a suitable system of storing received cards, so it’s easy to find the one you are looking for.


Business cards are an affordable marketing tool. If you opt for professional business card printing, you can exchange contact information with ease.You can undertake business card design and printing at home, or upload your design with an online company. For the best results, we recommend benefitting from the knowledge and experience offered by your local printers.The advantage of using a local company for your business card printing is that they can offer advice on the graphics, the design and layout, the card thickness, the shape and the finish. These comprehensive print services help you to achieve an end result which matches your expectations and brand.You may be surprised that, even with this additional service, your local printer can match DIY and online business card printing charges, whilst providing a quick turnaround on orders.What’s more, once Butterfly Design and Print have your logo on file, it is straightforward for us to fulfil other business stationery printing requirements.

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    There are so many options when it comes to business card printing. If you are just starting out, basic business cards on quality card is perfectly adequate. Be sure to thoroughly check that your contact details are correct before finalising your order.As a growing business, with a commitment to quality, you might consider upgrading to one of the following options:
    • Matt or Gloss Laminated
    • Spot Gloss
    • Extra Think Duplex
    If your aim is to really stand out from the competition, the following options might appeal:
    • Textured 3D Business Cards
    • Embossed Business Cards
    • Foil Laminated Business Cards
    If your profession makes it difficult to keep business cards clean and neat, or you are after a long-lasting solution, Butterfly Design & Print can apply your graphics and text to plastic business cards.

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