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Why is the back of your business card important?

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What can a business card do for your business?

Even in this modern age, a business card is still the first piece of marketing we are provided when we join a new company. An easy way to pass out your details, including how to contact you, who you are and where you can be found, professional business cards should be carried around with you as you never know when you may bump into someone who needs the services you can provide!

Whilst much of our business is completed online, cards are much more personal than simply sending an email or online marketing. The chances are your card is also more likely to be read and kept than a random email! A great business card is more likely to get shared amongst colleagues and contacts. Not having a card or having one that doesn’t stand out is more likely to get put to the bottom of the pile! Lastly, cards are great value for money and are practical and easy to produce when you work with a high-quality designer like Butterfly Print and Design.

How can you make your business card stand out?

So, in a world full of business cards, how do you make yours stand out from your competitors? By working with a reliable design and print team, of course! Butterfly Print and Design has been supporting local businesses for over 30 years with the design and creation of business stationery, cards, POS and exhibition materials. We even help to design and manufacture corporate clothing so your team can look professional at all times.

Your business card can be taken and used anywhere, so it’s important we design a card that will support you at every opportunity. Understanding your business, what you provide and what you are aiming to achieve with your cards is the first step in the journey. Will you be using them at networking events or exhibitions? Do you plan to have them displayed on your reception desk for all to see? Whilst there are no rules on how to use your cards, by thinking outside the box and working on a clever design, we can make sure you stand out.

Think about your ideal clients. Are they tradespeople who are likely to be wearing builders’ uniforms, have cement-covered hands and have little time? Or are they corporate clients who wear suits and carry briefcases? Try to design your business card around your ideal client, so it works for them as well as you. The last thing you will want is a clean, corporate business card if you are handing it over to a tradesperson. The chances are, it won’t be memorable for them, and they will forget you instantly. Remember to include all your contact details and your business logo.

Five ways you can use the back of your business card

Now you have planned the front of your card with all the information you need to include, it’s time to think about the back! The area most people don’t really think about, yet it can often make all the difference to the look of your card and whether people remember you in the future. Take a look at our top 5 ideas for making the most of the back of your business card.

Add a special offer or promotion

Would you prefer a more direct way to encourage people to buy your products or services? Then use the back of your card to make them an offer they can’t refuse! By showcasing your work or sending them to your sign-up page, you’re more likely to make a sale than if you just let them browse.

Create a meeting reminder

When you work with clients, it’s essential to keep track of your appointments with them. And what better way to do that than by including a handy reminder on your business card backside? This way, you can make the best use of your limited space and ensure you don’t forget any necessary appointments!

Include a QR code for your social media

We all know the importance of a social media following for our businesses these days. Having a direct link on the back of your business card will save potential clients time trying to find you. Include an easy-to-use QR code that takes your clients to all of your social media so they can follow you at the touch of a button.

Display your favourite testimonial

A client testimonial on the back of your business card is a great way to build trust and share the social proof with potential clients. Share your favourite testimonial on the back of your business card that showcases a multitude of your services or products so your potential clients know what they can expect from you.

Add your professional headshot

When busy networking, it’s not uncommon for many people to be exchanging business cards. By putting your face on the back of your card, you increase the chances of the recipient remembering you. Instead of them having to try and remember just a name, they can place your face with the name, making it easier for them to recall when they need your services.

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Order your business card design with Butterfly Print

If you are planning to refresh your business cards, whether you have the perfect design in mind or you really aren’t sure where to start, Butterfly Print and Design is here to help you. From retailers to care companies and tradespeople to accountants, we have helped hundreds of businesses design their ideal business cards.

Get in touch with Butterfly Print and Design today to stand out from your competitors. We look forward to helping you with your new designs!

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