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The importance of proofreading for corporate printing service

corporate printing service
corporate printing services

The process of a corporate printing service for your business marketing 

There can be no doubt that the English language is an incredibly tricky thing to master. Those who are not native English will often complain about how difficult the language is, with similar wording, grey area writing and confusing conjunctives! 

When you are planning to use a corporate printing service, however, your attention to detail and need for accuracy could not be greater and this is why proofreading all documents is crucial prior to going ahead with the print button. We all know the famous scene in ‘Friends’ where Rachel prints hundreds of CV copies, only to find out she has made a spelling mistake halfway through! Silly errors can be avoided when you proofread your documents. 

This month, Butterfly Print and Design look at some of the common mistakes in writing that you should be on the lookout for during proofreading and we take a look at some of the funniest fails that could have been avoided with a bit of proofreading. 

Key things to look out for when proofreading for corporate printing services

When using corporate printing services, we are sure you are aiming to create something that speaks to your clients, creates more brand awareness and boosts your business visibility. Don’t let content mistakes negatively affect your marketing documents. Look out for the below key elements when proofreading your docs. 

Spelling errors

Without a doubt, the most common and obvious mistake will be spelling errors. Read your content thoroughly to spot those pesky mistakes and amend them as you go through your content. Check to ensure you have used the correct English word rather than its American counterpart. If you struggle with spotting spelling mistakes, consider using an online spellcheck tool to help you out. 

Grammatical mistakes

Are you overusing exclamation marks and underusing commas? When proofreading your documents, it can often help to read them aloud to see where the natural punctuation falls. Read a sentence and need to take a breath? You probably need to add an exclamation mark. Does your sentence look like a question? Add a question mark. 

Autocorrect issues 

Unfortunately, this is becoming an increasingly popular issue as many of us write and amend things on our smartphones. Autocorrect is the result of many hilarious messages fails we see on social media, however, when it comes to our business documents and the corporate printing services we use, it can become a big issue. 

Incorrect word use

Ahhhh the English language. Our words often have variations and it can be difficult to remember which one to use at which time. Are you trying to say affect or effect? compliment or complement? Even though these words don’t mean the same thing, they are incredibly similar and often result in mistakes that may need hunting for. 


Is your draft document consistent? Are you using the same style, punctuation and language throughout? Whilst we are often good at remembering the key mistakes that crop up during proofreading, consistency and style are often left unnoticed and could result in your document not making sense or leaving the reader confused as to the message you are trying to convey. 

Consequences of not proofreading your publications 

A simple search on the interest will show you some hilarious but genuine consequences of not proofreading your print products prior to publication. From simple spelling mistakes and grammatical errors to laughable signs that make no sense and even news articles that leave a reader confused. Sometimes, it only takes a single word to change an entire article into a laughing stock. It is for this reason that when your printer asks you to proofread your documents, you should take this very seriously.

Here are some funny failures of people who have clearly not proofread their products: 

  1. ‘Violators will be towed and find $50’ – An American road sign seemingly offering money to violators! 
  2. ‘The average North American consumes more than 400 Africans’ – a frightening PowerPoint depicting a cannibal nature!
  3. ‘Ugh Boots’ – An A board for a shop that is clearly not impressed with its stock!
  4. ‘Amphibious pitcher makes debut’ – a popular English newspaper that has offended a cricket player!
  5. ‘Human Brian is still evolving, says scientist’ – Another English newspaper showing that Brian still has a long way to go. 

We could have continued writing about the many failures businesses have seen through not taking the time to proofread their documents but we would have been here all day! As you can see, whether it’s spelling mistakes, missing punctuation or incorrect words, printing failures make their way online quickly for the whole world to see. These are mistakes that could have been easily avoided if someone took the time to check for accuracy. 

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Butterfly Print and Design offer local corporate printing services 

At Butterfly Print and Design, we have spent the last 30 years offering a corporate printing service to various clients. As we are experts in the printing industry, we will never go ahead with a print without getting a final sign off from you as a business. 

We will work with you and your business to ensure you receive the best possible printing services from us, and that includes giving you time to ensure you are happy with the final product and the content. 

If you are looking for a proactive corporate printing service team to support your marketing materials, get in contact with Butterfly Print and Design today.