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Finding the perfect leaflet print finish for your campaigns

leaflet print finish
leaflet print finish

How choosing a leaflet print finish can affect your marketing campaign

There are many different ways to produce leaflets for your business marketing campaign. Each method has its benefits but will also have a different effect on the final product. The print finish is the part of the leaflet that users touch first, and it can make a big difference. Getting your print project can be the difference between your marketing campaign getting off to a flying start or taking some time to gain traction. Luckily your local printer can support you with a print finishing technique that gives you a quality finish and helps your campaign. 

This month, Butterfly Print and Design take a look at different printing finishes and what you can do if you are an environmentally-conscious company. 

Understanding the top leaflet print finish choices and techniques

Choosing the correct type of leaflet print finish is essential for your campaign for many reasons. Your leaflet should be a reflection of your company as a whole and should resonate with your target market and readers. There are some common types of print finishes that many businesses choose to use in their campaign prints: 

Gloss varnishing

Sales and marketing leaflets benefit from a gloss varnish as they usually contain bright images. This gloss layer reflects the light and makes the colour stand out, so it’s brighter and more vivid. Having a gloss finish is an excellent option if your leaflet has photographs or images.


Possibly the most common leaflet print finish, lamination offers a professional and high-quality look. It adds a protective layer to the leaflet surface and makes it water-resistant. You can choose from either a gloss or matt lamination finish, dependent on the look you are trying to create. 

Matt Varnishing 

If you are looking for a smooth and non-glossy look, matt varnishing may be the leaflet print finish for your campaign. Matt varnish softens the overall appearance of your leaflet and leaves any text easy to see and read. Photographs and images are also softened by still visible. 

Spot Varnishing

Another excellent choice for those leaflet campaigns using images or photographs, spot varnish, aims to target specific areas of the leaflet to make parts stand out more. By highlighting particular areas of your leaflet, your readers will be drawn to those areas of the leaflet first. 

Machine Sealing

If you are looking for a simple, invisible coating that seals the ink but doesn’t change the look or feel of a leaflet in any way, you may want to consider machine sealing. This option is often a default for a leaflet print finish unless chosen otherwise. 

If you want to know more about your leaflet print finish options but can’t see what you are looking for in this list, why not contact Butterfly Print and Design our team will be happy to talk through your requirements in more detail. 

A leaflet print finish that doesn’t affect your carbon footprint

Many businesses are now becoming more aware of their carbon footprint. An obvious way of following an environmentally conscious strategy is to opt for eco-friendly printing for all campaigns and marketing. Eco-friendly printing doesn’t mean you have to compromise your vibrant colours or grand designs. You just need to work with an environmentally conscious printer who knows how to use vegetable-based inks to provide great work finishes. 

Butterfly Print and Design are your local printers who work sustainably. From using recycled paper to only working with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and approved sources. Our print services are entirely flexible to your needs, whether you would like to work with 100% recycled paper or partially recycled paper and what paper thickness levels you would like to see your print on. 

Not only do we offer flexible services in our printing, but we also try to deliver all of our business printing in corrugated cardboard boxes rather than plastic. Our cardboard boxes are made from recycled materials and can be reused or recycled after. This doesn’t affect the safety of our products in any way, so we think it’s a win-win! 

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Butterfly Print and Design will help you find the perfect print finish for your leaflet

When choosing the print finish for your leaflets, there are many things to consider. The paper type, printing techniques, finish and size all have to match your business requirements, so it’s essential to get it right. Butterfly Print and Design is a professional print shop in Chesham, offering a wide range of printing services.

Our skilled team can advise you on the best print finish for your leaflets, so you can be sure your leaflets will meet customer expectations and help with your campaign. Butterfly Print and Design has been operating in Chesham and the surrounding areas for the last 33 years, providing a wide range of services, including business card printing and flyer printing. We are an experienced, customer-centred print shop that offers a personal service with environmental benefits, so we can help you find the perfect leaflet design elements and provide a professional finish for all your marketing campaigns.