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2022 magazine printing trends that you will want to keep an eye on

Magazine printing
magazine printing

2022 magazine printing trends that you will want to keep an eye on 

Magazine printing trends have been changing fast over the last five years. With the increasing demand for personalised business marketing and advertising, the printing industry is keeping up with the ever-changing looks we are trying to achieve in our magazine marketing campaigns. Butterfly Print and Design are keeping up with the latest trends, and as we move into 2022, we have brought you the trends to look out for to keep up with your target audience wants and needs. 

Please take a look at our top 3 2022 trends below and incorporate these into your magazine marketing strategy for 2022. 

Geometric designs and rich tonal colours to make your mag pop

If you want to create solid and memorable magazine printing styles, then a geometric shape is an excellent place to start. Geometry has been used throughout history to symbolise strength, power, and unity. And while there are many different geometric shapes, a square is probably one of the most iconic. If you’re looking to build a strong print, starting with a square will give you a solid foundation. 

Using geometric shapes may be more psychologically enthralling than you previously guessed. These basic shapes rather than created were discovered due to observing nature. These shapes resonate with elements all around us and can, therefore (when used in the right way), give a feeling of confidence and promote the qualities in your company. 

Rich and tonal colours are one of those things that are incredibly easy to use and highly versatile. They can create subtle transitions between two different colours or even create a clean line across a page. Bright, neon colours have been trending in the past. However, alternatives are now being sought out as we move to a more comforting magazine printing style.

The soothing feel of rich and tonal colours can create a harmonious palette and can bring your page to life without giving your reader a headache! Best used in colour groups to create depth to your page without losing the overall look, choose your rich colours to give your magazine an impactful look for 2022. 

The power of nostalgia marketing for your magazine printing

Nostalgia marketing has always been a powerful tool in the business industry, and it’s only set to increase in 2022. The benefit of nostalgia marketing is that it can appeal to a wide range of audiences, meaning something for everyone. Nostalgia marketing aims to provoke your target audiences’ emotional responses and positive memories. Whether that’s a scene from a childhood advert or a toy they may have used, nostalgia marketing has the ability to make your customers react and respond. 

Research tells us that this type of marketing, when used correctly, can produce powerful emotions that convince customers to react. Nostalgia can counteract boredom and loneliness and can even make customers more generous to strangers. For this reason, nostalgia marketing isn’t just a selling tool but a psychological strategy. 

So if you are planning your marketing strategy for 2022, why not take a look into your archives? Bring out the old-style designs that worked so well before to see if you can incorporate them into your new campaigns for next year! 

Layered images and text may be the future of magazine printing 

Gone are the days of images to the right and text to the left. In 2022, it’s all about amalgamating the two and creating a layered design that will bring depth and luxury to your page. By joining imagery and text, you have the ability to not only get more information in your magazine but to create a beautiful page that still has a minimalist design. Visual communication is a powerful and straightforward way of getting a message across to your target audience. Draw them in with a fantastic design that makes them analyse the page and use personable fonts that draw the readers’ attention to the message you are bringing. 

Choosing the right font for your magazine printing campaign is one of the most important (and often forgotten about) steps. With the new 2022 trend of layering text over images, the right fonts have just become even more critical. Handwritten fonts are a great choice as they make your design seem more personable and artistic. Bold fonts or heavy fonts are often used for trying to convey a message quickly and clearly. Finding fonts that portray your style correctly and are clear can be difficult, but this is where a printing expert like Butterfly Print and Design can help. Speaking to your expert printer will give you a confident idea about what font you should be using in your magazine printing plans for 2022. 

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Butterfly Print and Design are prepared for your 2022 magazine printing needs

Here at Butterfly Print and Design, we have been preparing for the busy year ahead. Whether you are looking for nostalgia marketing that resonates with your target audience, graphic design trends to make your magazine printing campaign stand out from competitors or geometric shapes that bring confidence in your brand, Butterfly Print and Design is your local printing team that can deliver on quality and price.

We design and print a wide variety of services for businesses and individuals. From environmentally friendly business cards to restaurant menu printing and impactful signs, we are the only environmentally friendly printing team you could ever need in 2022. 

Butterfly Print and Design would like to wish all their existing and new customers a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We look forward to working with you on your exciting new projects in 2022!