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Christmas menu printing with your Chesham printers

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Christmas menu printing with your Chesham printers

There is often nothing better than sitting in a restaurant over the Christmas period trying to decide which delicious foods you will taste. If you are a restaurant or venue planning on offering Christmas parties and dining this year, don’t leave it until the last minute to get your menus together – not when there are so many to choose from! 

This month, we look at the menu printing your Chesham printers can offer and how they can help you if you are unsure where to begin! 

Time to start planning for your Christmas menus 

Christmas is just around the corner – we know! We can’t believe it either. This season is often the busiest time of year for the restaurant and catering industry as the general public get their glad rags on and head out to parties, events, and gatherings. If you have already started to take enquiries about Christmas meals and bookings, it may be time to think about getting your menus designed and printed, so you don’t have to worry about it later on. 

Whilst many of our guests tend to look online to choose their food ahead of time, we all know that once guests arrive at their table, they will have quite often forgotten their choices, or you may have run out of their planned food. For this, along with many other reasons, having printed menus for your venue by your Chesham Printers is always beneficial to your guests and your staff.

Choosing your perfect seasonal menu printing design with your Chesham Printers

As with many restaurants, venues and pubs, you will often have your flare of creativity and design that you want to add to your menus. Whether you are planning on a theme for your seasonal events, you want to incorporate your logo and branding, or you woke up in the middle of the night after a stroke of genius, your menu designs need to include your ideas and the vibes of your venue. Your Chesham printers can support all your ideas and thoughts and make your designs come to life on your menu. 

Don’t have an idea or arent sure which direction you want to go in? Don’t worry! At Butterfly Print and Design, your local printer is full of ideas and inspiration to get you started, and with our online service, you don’t have to be local to work with us. Simply send your text and any images/graphics you would like included, and let us work the magic to make your menu printing come to life.  

Menu printing for takeaways, parties and Christmas dinners 

With so many different menu types to choose from, we have put together a top list for you to consider. Planning a range of different menus or dining options? Why not take a look at our menu printing packages so you can get the best of everything available. 

  • Placemat menus – an excellent choice for children or smaller ones at the table, a placemat menu has many functions. Not only can it act as a menu for children, but it can also protect your table a little more when they are enjoying their dinner and hold a variety of games and puzzles to help them pass the time between courses. 
  • Freestanding menus – Want to have your drinks or desserts separate from your main menu? Freestanding menus are a great way to do this, and the best bit is they entice your guests to think about those delicious puddings before they have even finished their starter!
  • Takeaway menus – Some diners may decide to opt for a takeaway, mainly if the venue is fully booked or they are considered to be vulnerable. Creating take away menus that can be easily picked up and stored at home will have your customers ordering on repeat. 
  • Window menus – Attracting your guests from the street is a great way to fill your restaurant and show first-timers what they have been missing. If you have the luxury of windows that face out onto heavy pedestrian routes, why not put your seasonal menu in the window for all to drool over?
  • Menu printing packages – If you like the look of everything above, choosing a printing package could be the best way forward for you and your business. Choose a package deal to get consistent designs and branding, so your menus are sleek and high-end. 

If you are planning on offering special deals and offers, one night only entertainment or first-class events, don’t forget to rave about this on your menus or through other promotional marketing that you may want to consider – your Chesham printers will help you to ensure that nothing is left out and your event goes off without a hitch! 

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Butterfly Print and design provide you with the ideal menu printing for parties and events

At Butterfly Print and Design, we love nothing more than to help our local community with all their printing needs. For many years, we have been supporting Chesham and the surrounding areas with our efficient, friendly and reliable printing services perfect for any business. 

If you have an idea in mind or need support to get your menu printing and marketing materials started, give Butterfly Print and Design a call today – we have the tools, experience and expertise you need to start planning your business Christmas events!