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Frighteningly good storefront graphics to boost your high street presence

Storefront graphics
Storefront graphics

Frighteningly good storefront graphics to boost your high street presence

It’s that spooky time of year again! A chance to show your skills with fantastic storefront prints and decorations that will have your customers flocking in from all sides. Whether it’s for an event, a special promotion, or just to draw potential customers towards your business, a high-quality display or sign can be a very effective way of marketing your company. Adding a storefront decal to your display or sign can be an affordable way of increasing the visual impact and longevity of your promotional efforts. This month, we discuss why you should engage with a professional business printer to get the best from your spooky storefront graphics. 

Storefront graphics that make your customers stop and stare

It’s no secret that the retail industry has been seriously affected by the pandemic in the last 18 months. Now that stores can open their doors again, each is clamouring to bring customers into their stores instead of their competitors. So how do you go about attracting your potential customers into your retail stores?

Shop owners should be considering the overall look of their high street store as this will be the first thing (aside from your brand name) that attracts your customers into your shop. Making your shop look appealing with bright window decals and interchangeable decorations will only enhance your customer experience as well as make your store stand out on a busy high street. However, designing your window decals can often be a tricky thing to get right – particularly if it is your first time or designing is not your forte! That’s where a local printer like Butterfly Print and Design can support you. 

Bold colours and bright designs to set you apart on the high street 

With many businesses creating a booming online presence, many customers are turning to the internet for their shopping, particularly if they are still unnerved by Covid-19. One of the best ways to grab the attention of your passing customers through your physical stores is by using bold colours and bright designs on your storefront decals. These are the large, often graphic signs that usually adorn the front windows of storefronts. They’re there to catch the eye of passing customers, alerting them to new products or sales.

But, if you’re looking to grab the attention of potential customers, you’ll need to do more than simply slap up some boring window stickers. You’ll need to grab their attention through innovative designs, product listings and information to entice them in.

The advantages of great storefront decals 

Businesses can spend a lot of money on their storefront signs and decals. But what is the actual value of these items? Why do people ignore plain old business signs, but they stop and look at a window decal of a cartoon dog? To answer these questions, let’s take a look at the advantages of great storefront decals:

Promotion for independent businesses – it can often seem like an uphill struggle to get customers through your doors for those who own independent retail businesses. Designing great retail window graphics will be a step in the right direction to increase your sales. 

Let your customers know about exclusive product launches – advertising your new products can be a great way to let your customers know what you are doing and drum up interest in your product range – put it in the window for all to see!

Exciting product descriptions to draw your customers in – using snappy, quick descriptive language that resonates with your customer and makes them feel as though they cannot live without your product is a perfect way to increase your footfall.

Unique and exciting designs that are relevant to your business – always ensure you are using a consistent tone of voice, compelling descriptions and display eye-catching designs that are relevant to both you and your target market. 

Working with local printers who know your area – your local printer is a perfect choice to design your window graphics – who is going to know more about your area and demographic than someone who is working in that area and has done many similar designs for other likeminded stores. 

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Speak to Butterfly Print and Design to get your storefront noticed for the right reasons

The best way to get your business noticed is to have a stunning storefront design that is eye-catching and creative. Butterfly has a wide variety of innovative high street storefront solutions for businesses of all sizes, from small-town cafes to large multi-national companies. All decals are made to order from outdoor signage to informational signage, so if you want to make your business stand out, speak to Butterfly today to get started!