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Business Printing with Minimal Environmental Impact

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Business Printing with Minimal Environmental Impact

With aims to reduce environmental impact, how can companies justify printed business stationery?

The paperless office may sound like the only green solution, but it isn’t a viable way to operate. Printed leaflets, business cards and brochures are necessary marketing materials. They enable engagement with prospects and customers. They ensure you can promote your brand, products, events and offers.

Butterfly Print & Design want to assure you that it is possible to use our corporate printing services whilst sticking to your green agenda. We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and have taken many steps towards becoming a zero-emissions printing company. Let us tell you more.

Paper used in our Printing Services

Paper is a natural and renewable material. All the paper we use comes from sustainable, FSC certified sources. This system of responsible forestry management means that for every tree felled, new trees are planted.

Paper can also be recycled, a process which breaks down the fibres so they can be reused to produce more paper. If this sounds energy-intensive, be assured that, in Europe, 60% of the energy used to produce paper comes from renewable sources. More facts about paper can be found at Two Sides, an organisation representing the graphic and print industry.

As a local printer with a focus on social responsibility, we now offer business printing on 100% recycled paper. The quality of 100% recycled paper has greatly improved in recent years. We now believe there is no compromise on quality when you select this option.

We plan our printing services to minimise paper waste, with any offcuts being recycled. If you have paper recycling bins in your workplace, you can collect waste paper for recycling. Shredding paper is a good idea for sensitive content. Shredded paper can be added to compost bins, where it will break down with garden waste. 

Inks used in our Printing Services

When considering environmental impact, it is important to use inks which reduce volatile organic compound emissions. Butterfly Print & Design use vegetable-based inks, with an eco-friendly chemical composition. These can be recycled and are not harmful to the environment.

If you have questions about print and finish options, get in touch on 01494 782605. We are happy to advise on the best way to achieve your desired results in the most environmentally-friendly way.

Reducing Water, Energy and Fuel Use

With our aim of achieving zero emissions, we have put many measures in place to reduce our use of water, energy and fuel.

Process controls have ensured that we use all resources efficiently and minimise waste. Measures include ‘soft proofing’ (on-screen proof-reading). As an online printing company, we have online order forms and documentation, to reduce the volume of print. We also switched all lighting to LED bulbs to cut energy use.

As a local printer, we are often out and about delivering orders. In our bid to reduce emissions, we have invested in electric. As the new year begins, we are delighted to announce that signwriting on our new electric van has now been completed.

In our all-electric fleet, we can provide the usual high standards of customer service, without polluting the streets of Chesham and beyond. Give us a wave if you see the Butterfly Print & Design van on the road!

High-Quality Environmental Printing

There was a time when 100% recycled papers had a noticeably rough texture and inks with low Volatile Organic Components were less defined. This is no longer the case. We see no compromise in quality when it comes to environmental printing and we encourage you to opt for the green business stationery printing.

We have focused on sustainable print production for several years. Our latest range of 100% recycled papers and vegetable inks, along with electric vehicle delivery, minimises our impact on the planet. Share our commitment to the environment, make the switch and give us a call on 01494 782605 to discuss your next print project.

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