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Personalised Protective Workwear for The Local Council

In any potentially hazardous work environment, employees have to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as part of their uniform. PPE can take the form of specific footwear, safety goggles, hard hats and high visibility jackets. All aim to reduce the risks associated with working in that specific environment, but what has this got to do with our corporate printing services? We can work on printing workwear of course!

As a trusted local printer, Chesham’s Butterfly Print & Design was approached by Chesham Town Council who wanted printed safety clothing for their team. The Council needed personalised protective workwear suitable for their employees to wear whilst working about in the community. Their work can take them along roadsides, onto building sites and many other potentially hazardous environments.

The Council requested jackets that were suitable for all weathers with high-visibility reflective stripes and patches. They were to be printed with the Council’s crest. In addition, the order included printed polo shirts. These would be provided as suitable summer wear. They also had to include the Council’s logo, along with protective reflective stripes and patches.

Printing workwear with the Council’s Logo


The printed safety wear not only protect Council employees from hazards but also makes them easily identifiable by the public. If any individual needed to fix an issue in the street or gain access to a site or premises, they clearly work for the council.

Comprehensive Corporate Printing Services

So, you may have thought about calling us on 01494 782605 to place an order for our stationery printing, printed banners or brochure printing service. You may have considered us the place to go for cheap leaflet printing or PoS material. Now you can add printed workwear to the list of print services that are offered on your doorstep!

Once we have your high-resolution logo on file, it is straight forward for us to print all manner of items with your brand. You can simply get in touch when you need to replenish your stock of printed business stationery, or for short term promotions, such as t-shirts and exhibition graphics printing for a promotional event.